The SJP team delivers support to all phases of a hospitality project. From initial idea to planning a project to optimizing its operational performance.


SJP Hospitality Planning and Development

The service we offer is adapted to suit our clients; our involvement can be as a complete package of services or tailored for the specific area you require our input. Throughout each assignment, we communicate updates via regular customized reports, giving clients and the project team status visibility across all areas of the nominated activity.

Our convenient, transparent delivery of expertise focuses on select assignments at any given time to ensure quality, setting us apart in the industry. Throughout each project, we make sure to communicate regularly with our clients providing customized reports; this enables our clients and the project team to have status visibility of the full project.

Here are some of the services we offer:


Project Development and Planning

  • Examine and advise on your particular project, operating concepts, financial review and return on investment analysis.
  • Issue consultant briefs, design reviews, and improvements to planning considerations.
  • Development co-ordination services to assemble and manage a project planning team on behalf of the client.


Feasibility Studies

  • One of the most crucial questions to ask before starting is: Is the project feasible? SJP will carry out rigorous market research and analysis of your business. We will look at issues such as business terrain to identify current conditions, opportunities, challenges, and trends.
  • SJP will produce detailed financial studies to evaluate commercial potential and weigh assessment of various options.


Business Plans

  • No investor will fund any form of a project without a clear, detailed and well-written business plan.
  • We will examine the marketplace for the position of your new venture. Following this, we can carry out market analysis, strategy, and implementation
  • Form a detailed financial planning.
  • Organization and management plan.
  • We will work on your behalf to provide a clear and concise business plan to will the decisions of your investors.


Profitability Analysis

  • Examine the existing operations, from this we will determine the current and potential efficiency, management style, operational effectiveness and its impact on profitability.
  • Conduct revenue generation programs and profit engineering to improve bottom-line performance.

Competition Analysis

  • Analyse the marketplace and provide a detailed report on the competition.
  • Issue in-depth recommendations on the development of the position in the marketplace.


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